The drawing of lots for the Masters 2017 has been done today at the Coromandel Community Centre. Five of the ten participants namely Roy Phillips,Deevarajan Chinasamy,Patrick Marie,Salhi Zouhaier and Sanju Backory were present and the ceremony was presided by Chief Arbiter Ronald Raimbert assisted by the President of the MCF Hurrynarain Bhowany and deputy Arbiter Patrick Li Ying.

The complete schedule can be found at this link

We can notice that the first week-end will see the two favourites Roy Phillips and Deevarajan Chinasamy meeting in Round 2 and they are the only two players in the field  who have won this Elite tournament in the past years. This year's event is a FIDE rated tournament ,meaning that the five FIDE  rated players in the field  will earn or lose Elo points depending on their performance and the other five unrated will have their games against rated opponents stored in the FIDE data base until they play a sufficient number of rated opponents to obtain a first international rating. Nuvin Dussoye is the most likely to get a FIDE rating after this tournament as he already had three games in store following his participation in the 2010 "Indian Ocean International Open " held at Etang Sale on Reunion island. Roy Phillips and D chinasamy will have a 20k factor whereas all the other will have a 40 K factor,meaning that there may  be wild swings in their ratings if they over or under-achieve.