After 3 rounds of the Masters 2014 tournament the early leader is Patrick Li Ying with 2.5 pts as he check mated  junior Rayen  Sawmynaden and won on the black side of an English variation after his opponent A Jotee blundered a pawn  as early  as the twelfth move. However the chasing pack is on 2 points and consist of 3 players namely defending champion D Chinasamy  who drew with R Phillips in their round 2 game before despatching easily G Kibria  in round 3 in his pet Grand Prix variation. After a bad start P Marie made a strong come-back with back to back wins in the Sunday rounds against respectively J Koster and a crush in the Giucco Piano against P Lau. G Kibria is lucky to be on 2 points as he was dead lost against A Goorsahye however the latter could not convert his exchange advantage and lost after misjudging the speedy advance of G Kibria passed pawn supported by king,bishop and knight.

Top seed Roy Phillips drew against Rayen Sawmynaden in a Maroczy bind variation and it looked that his position was a technical win but he could not make any head way in the blocked position.

He is now on 1.5 points having drawn his 3 games , a rare occurence to see Phillips not scoring a win after 3 rounds in a Masters tournament.

A Goorsahye is on 1.5 points but with a little luck he could have had 3 points as he had winning positions against both D Chinasamy and G Kibria ,also on 1.5 points is A Jotee who is having a fine tournament only losing to the leader while beating P Lau in his trade mark caro-kann  defense. Young junior R Sawmynaden had a tough sunday pairing as he lost against  Li Ying but managed to draw against Phillips in a very difficult position. In both games he tried to exchange as much pieces as possible and keeping the position closed to search for a draw but as soon as  his strong opponents put pressure on his position he crumbled  against Li Yingdue to his lack of experience but saved a miraculous draw against Phillips. More computer  analysis is needed to confirm if the bad bishop ending he got against Roy was a technical win for black.

Jeroen Koster also lost both his games on Sunday ,first against P Marie Queen's Indian set-up and on the black side of a Ruy Lopez against A Goorsahye. P Lau is the only player to lose all his 3 games after his aggressive style is back firing in this strong tournament.The Masters is the strongest tournament of Mauritius and sacrificing material for the initiative just does not work as in lower rated club tournaments so P Lau should start to play more solidly if he wants to get on the score board.

NB- Please note that it is Rayen Sawmynaden (1807) who is playing the Masters 2014 and not his unrated brother Righen as wrongly reported in the first round