CM P LI YING(2068)- FM R PHILLIPS (2128) 0.5-0.5

R SAWMYNADEN(1807)-P LAU(1707) 1-0

A JOTEE(1711)-J KOSTER (1862)0.5-0.5

P MARIE(1886)- G KIBRIA(1816) 0-1

A GOORSAHYE(1842)-CM D CHINASAMY(2088) 0.5-0.5


The Masters 2014 has started with hard fought games on all five boards and only two games finished in wins with none of the three titled players and previous Masters champions  among the winners !!

Indeed on board 1 P Liying and R Phillips contested a hard fought game with the former employing his pet london variation against Phillips King's Indian formation and with lots of fireworks tactics on the board they reached a position where Philiips sacrificed his Queen for Rook,bishop and 2 pawns .While material favoured the black side,Li Ying had good counterplay against his opponent naked king and with time trouble looming Phillips accepted a draw offer from his opponent.

The defending champion and recent winner of the Republic Cup 2014 D Chinasamy  surprised his opponent Goorsahye with a standard tactic on the black side of an accelerated dragon variation but misplayed the ensuing tactics to find himself in a losing position in under 15 moves but he managed to fight on and after some inaccuracies from his opponent managed to draw a double rook endgame.

The  promising junior Rayen Sawmynaden surprised the veteran Philippe Lau after the latter unwisely sacrificed a bishop for 2 pawns for an attack on Righen's castled position,the junior pocketed the material and converted his material advantage into a win in the endgame. Patrick Marie lost to Golam Kibria and Ashwin Jotee and Jeroen Koster drew their games to get on the scoreboard. Two rounds are scheduled on sunday 18 May.