The Masters 2014 is entering the final stretch with the three titled players and top seeds R.Phillips,P. Liying and D. Chinasamy in a 3 way tie on 4.5 points  after 6 rounds,Li Ying is in the lead on tie-break and has on paper the easiest draw as he has yet to play P.Lau and J.Koster who are having a bad tournament,being stuck in the bottom places. However this is misleading as if all top 3 players  win all their remaining games it will most probably be Roy Phillips who could be crowned Masters champion on tie-break as this would mean he beat current fourth placed player Antoine Goorsahye who drew with both D.Chinasamy and P. Liying in games where he had winning positions.

Chinasamy beat J koster after being 2 pawns down in the postponed game of Round 6 after Koster blundered the exchange and Chinasamy  is back  in the race to retain the title he won 2 years ago. He is having a shaky tournament but his great tournament experience is keeping him afloat. Roy Phillips has recovered from a slow start as after making 3 draws he has reeled off 3 wins on the trot beating Golam,Jotee and Koster. P liying is still in the lead after the second week end after some not so convincing display.He beat P Marie despite being an exchange down after the latter let a rook be trapped and lost for only a pawn. Against Goorsahye he sacrificed first a pawn then the exchange to whip out an attack which only resulted in a perpetual ,had Goorsahye played 31 Kb1 walking into a fork that lose the exchange  instead of Kb2 he would have had a decisive advantage as Li Ying would have had to lose a piece to stave off a mating attack.

Goorsahye is having a great tournament as well as Patrick Marie,both on 4 points but Marie face the toughest run-in as he has to play Goorsahye,Chinasamy and Phillips in the last 3 rounds.

Golam Kibria is having a good tournament as well as he lost only against top seeds Chinasamy and Phillips and beat both P Marie and A Goorsahye, he will be in the race for a top four finish which guarantees automatic participation for the Masters 2015. Ashwin Jotee is on 2.5 points after 3 tough losses against Li Ying,Marie and Phillips,he lost twice with white after losing the c4 pawn, which is strange for a player who plays the English opening. Rayen Sawmynaded had a great start the first week end but he lost all 3 games on the second week end after his opponents are taking him very seriously.

J koster and P Lau are both on 0.5 point and having a nightmarish tournament and their aim is to avoid losing more rating points and climb back the tournament ladder