The Masters 2017 has started today 18th March at the Eddy Norton Hall, Rose-Hill, and we already had 5 decisive results with some big upsets. On board 1 five-times Masters Champion Roy Phillips dispatched newbie Christophe Chan with a mating attack in 23 moves. On board 2 Nadarajen Vencatasawmy proved that his victory agaisnt D.Chinasamy was no fluke as he defeated the dangerous tactician Salhi Zouhaier in a tactical skirmish in the french defense. Nadarajen won his opponent Queen after Salhi mis-judged his king side attack and allowed his opponent to land his 2 rooks on the seventh rank.

Nuvin Dussoye who has been absent in recent chess events made a great come-back by defeating Patrick Marie in a catalan set-up.He won a pawn in almost the same way Njobvu (Botswana) did against D ,Chinasamy at the Tromso Olympiad. He nursed his advantage beore launching a mating attack after Marie tried a last-ditch effort to find counter-play with a Queen sally. Hoolan Naipal  had an easy game against another Masters debutant Sanju Backory after the latter blundered a piece in a pin early in the game. The most interesting game of the round was the one that featured A. Goorsahye versus D. Chinasamy.Antoine opted for a slow build-up against Chinasamy patented Dragon set-up but fireworks started fairly soon and Antoine took a decisive advantage after Chinasamy stumbled in a royal fork thereby losing his Queen